Feedback from our customers who participated in Facilitator training

Professionals working in the field of learning and development supplement their skills with action learning facilitator training. We have trained over 1000 action learning facilitators – in a wide range of organisations.
The vast majority of these participants go on to use action learning as an integral part of their development work in all sectors.

Ruth is an amazing facilitator and allowed each of us to explore, without feeling unsure. We all left feeling this is something we can actually do, and she has a lot to do with inspiring that confidence. What I liked about the course was actually experiencing being in an action learning set. It’s so true to the principles of action learning – learn by doing.

Catherine Blanchard Senior Researcher British Red Cross

There are many ways I will use the course in my daily work which benefit both myself and my organisation.  The skill of open questioning in meetings management – reflection skills to use in the workplace – active listening – a very hard skill to develop and maintain.  ALA’s expertise and knowledge around action learning makes this course unique – it’s a fantastic way to work with people.

Anna Wilson Music & Cross Arts Producer Barbican

The course offers an exploration of a different and powerful way of problem solving. Ruth took us along the journey very well, allowing us to improve our technique by practice, which suits my learning style well.

Fran McArthur

You should come on this course because you will be able to apply all or some of your learning in the workplace and generally in life! I liked the  fact that you  start practicing and applying your learning from the offset.

Laura Ridout Stakeholder, Engagment & Development Manager Public Health Action

This course has hugely helped in bringing a new skill under my belt which I can see having a huge benefit to my career.

Fellow Clore Social Leadership Programme

I gained a deeper understanding of the approach and the confidence to apply this learning in work settings.  The training is really productive with practical applications. Andrew’s excellent facilitation held the group in safety, was consistent in boundaries and encouraging reflection on learning.

Jane Rowley Researcher

Action learning is a powerful way to unlock the consultant in your mind.

Gary Buxton Director Ingeus

“Written wisdom” about management, change, leadership – all that- always comes across as a bit vague, macho and snake oilish.  Action learning is refreshing because you spend your time actually doing something – there are no buzzwords, no sexy claims, and it just works.

Digital Content Officer National Museum of Wales

What I liked about this course was the group dynamics and learning from others. I felt appropriately challenged over the three days and also learnt a lot about myself.

Margaret Bentley Head of Talent & Educational Development London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Excellently designed and delivered course. When I first saw the length of the course I was sceptical that I could be kept engaged and there was enought to fill the time but was proved wrong.

Gary Mallett L&D Officer Hertfordshire County Council