Feedback from our customers who participated in Facilitator training

Professionals working in the field of learning and development supplement their skills with action learning facilitator training. We have trained over 1000 action learning facilitators – in a wide range of organisations.
The vast majority of these participants go on to use action learning as an integral part of their development work in all sectors.

A highly engaging, participative programme which clearly outlined the purpose, skills, underpinning knowledge and practical applications of action learning

Rob Everett

I gained sound knowledge of what action learning is, and how to use it. A way of enabling learning which I’m sure I will use in practice and improve how I support people in the future.


I have gained confidence to add the technique to talent development approaches of my consulting organisation.

Karen Wellbrook Kay Group

I have gained enhanced ability to run and commission groups – to help develop people in a different way to input courses.


I have learnt within 3 days not to jump in, interrupt and try to give advice

Toisin Abedisi University of Sussex

The trainer helped the group really well.  Kept us engaged, enthused & energised.  Helped us problem share and think about the application to our project .  Really worthwhile.  Three days which helped build individual and team skills, confidence & support the development of a programme of Action Learning.

Anela Anwar Programme Manager Oxfam

It’s something you have to go, and be part of and really experience it to understand its value and application.  I really enjoyed this course.  Not only was it throught provoking, it helped us gain some clarity around issues our project faces.

Anna Baillie Project Officer The Poverty Alliance

The trainer, clearly conveyed complex ideas in a way that was easy to follow.  An excellent well-rounded course.  I feel confident in my ability to deliver effective Action Learning Facilitation.

Project Officer

Action Learning is a unique style of working that helps people consider challenges in a very different way than ordinary discussions.  The training has helped me understand the principles, practice and application of Action Learning through experiencing all stages & roles myself.

Chelsea Marshall Project Officer Nourish Scotland

If you are looking for methods and approaches to help you make a change, then this course will provide plenty information, guidance and hands on practice to develop your skills, understanding and confidence.

Julian Holbrook Project Officer Nourish Scotland