What our customers say about us

We encourage feedback from all of our clients. It gives us an insight into the individual experiences they have had, what they have gained from the process, and how action learning has helped.

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Gained a huge amount from the support of colleagues. Powerful, brings together relationships, you learn as much from listening as you do from talking.

Tracey Faraday-Drake, Programme Director

I am more confident in speaking up in exec and board meetings. Excellent facilitation, impartial, fair, firm but gently guiding us through the process.

Caroline Kenyon, Director of Communications and Engagement

Do it! It is not navel gazing or self indulgent. Learn about yourself while supporting others. It is surprisingly hard work but very rewarding to take part in.

Director of Operations

It gave me the chance to practice my facilitation skills and reflect on how we can best use action learning in my organisation.

Katie Blanchard

I learnt new insights and sharpening of skills to take back and practice. Very thorough, practical and enjoyable. Great supporting materials.

Sarah Frost, consultant

Brilliant, inspiring, effective – personally and professionally. Thank you for a wonderful few days!

Specialist training practitioner

I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I have been looking forward to it for a long time and it didn’t disappoint, it met my expectations and more.

Education Development Manager

An in-depth introduction to a powerful process. It stretches your skills and adds to your toolbox as a coach and facilitator

Steven Hillman, COO, Centre for Youth Impact

It is so valuable to learn this method and invest time and energy in doing it properly. This should not be ‘tried’ without this training.

Natalie Phillips, Arts Council England

This course will definitely leave you with basic action learning skills which will allow you to start using the programme in its classic way.

Tomasz Janiak, WIAL Poland