What our customers say about us

We encourage feedback from all of our clients. It gives us an insight into the individual experiences they have had, what they have gained from the process, and how action learning has helped.

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The way in which the training was conducted enabled me to immerse myself in this valuable learning opportunity.

If you want to really master the principals of action learning so that you can confidently and completely apply them you will find 3 days allows the structure to leave you well equipped and confident.  Each day strengthens and deepens your knowledge.

Sue Moore, Growth County

The group gave entirely positive feedback about the training. They particularly noted the good content, the helpful pace which gave enough time for them to reflect and your engaging manner.

Thanks again for your flexibility on the group size, which meant the whole team could have a shared learning experience. We would love to do something again in the future.

Kevin Munday

I gained more confidence in facilitating AL in the virtual space and was able to explore a range of possible techniques. Experienced role as presenter and participants, which really helps to understand those perspectives as a facilitator. Overcame my online deficit mindset. Learned about other inline tools that can be used.

Helen Wallis Dowling

I’m a sole trader, but I will definitely be championing the value of virtual action learning – especially in the midst of the pandemic, but also as a powerful way of bringing people together in a safe, fruitful way to tackle issues.

I now have a powerful methodology that can help teams and individuals develop.  It will greatly assist with building high performing teams.

Alex Davis, Intuit

Attending the action learning facilitator training workshop has been a game changer for me. This tool is invaluable to drive forward organisations, supporting individuals and groups. I have never had a facilitator/trainer that got me to learn the way he (Andrew Odgers) did. He made it look effortless despite being long sessions on Zoom. I didn’t want the sessions to end.

Theresa Chandler

I learnt a new skill which I can use with managers when advising them to reach their own conclusions. It is going to be a really useful tool to help develop managers and empower them to deal with any problems they may have.

Fiona Cowan

A very exciting tool with so much potential! An antidote to ‘leadership and experts’. Supported, professional, warm, highly experienced learning space.

Sarri Bater

I gained a sense of the power of action learning as a tool. Do it! It’s a real eye opener.

Richard George

I have gained so much from the course, I have a much deeper understanding and knowledge of action learning set facilitation and it has generated in me the desire to learn more and practice more. I’m excited by the possibilities! I would highly recommend the course and would tell others that it would give them the best possible springboard to understanding action learning sets enough to be able to become a facilitator.

Karen Bishi