In house facilitator training courses

Introduce the skills of action learning facilitation to your organisation

Organisations thrive with effective leadership and a collaborative workforce, working together for the benefit of all. When faced with change, challenges or difficult relationships however, it can put pressure on leaders to manage such issues successfully.

Action learning can be an immensely powerful tool for leaders facing such challenges. Building a self-sustaining network of action learning sets within your organisation will enhance and extend general facilitation skills, improve management behaviour and encourage focused leadership.

ILM endorsed training with a solid track record

We provide a made-to-measure ILM approved course to train your staff to facilitate action learning sets. Our three-day intensive course will be designed specifically to suit the needs and challenges of your organisation, and can be delivered either on-site or at a venue of your choice. Three days allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the process, experience running action learning sets first hand and receive feedback to improve their performance.

Ongoing support

Newly trained facilitators benefit from meeting as a group of peers to share practical issues when they start facilitating sets and to continue to develop each other’s skills, challenge thinking and give honest feedback.

ALA can provide a meta set as on-going support, either face to face or virtually. For large-scale programmes we also offer Master Coach training to enable organisations to deliver their own internal action learning facilitator training programmes.

Endorsed Programme

We also deliver training courses for further professional development. These courses are endorsed by ILM and attract HR and Leadership Development professionals. Alternatively your organisation can take part in virtual action learning facilitator training courses delivered direct to your organisation and its many branches if required, nationally and internationally.

To discuss whether in-house facilitator training is right for your organisation and how we can tailor our course to meet your organisation’s needs please contact or telephone 020 7407 1971. We are happy to offer initial consultations and proposals free of charge.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider action learning for organisation development where we provide trained facilitators to conduct action learning sets for your teams. Feel free to talk to us for advice, we’d be happy to help.

The next move?

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Why Action Learning Associates?

With over 14 years’ experience we have trained hundreds of action learning facilitators within organisations here in the UK and internationally, and we’ve seen what a positive difference it makes to their management and leadership style. We’d be happy to share those experiences with you, just get in touch for a no obligation chat. Alternatively read what Clare Mason of Nissan had to say about in-house facilitator training for her organisation.