We have an ever growing resource of webinars, hosted by directors of Action Learning Associates or by guest presenters. Choose from webinars on the subject of action learning or in facilitation skills and virtual facilitation.

Many of our webinars are interactive and include insightful Q&A sessions during which participants ask questions that relate to real life issues, and from which we can all learn. Listen again at a time to suit you.

Webinars on demand: Facilitation Skills

As many of us have adapted to new ways of working, we have seen an increased demand from many leaders keen to hone their facilitation skills. This was the theme of many of our most recent webinars, particularly in virtual facilitation skills to help managers support teams working from home.

Virtual Team Building

Thursday 2nd July 2.15pm – 3.00pmRuth Cook

Whilst many of us are working remotely, we’re also looking forward to when some of us can return to the office, albeit in … More

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How to Succeed at Virtual Facilitation – Your Questions Answered

1st June 2020Sonja Antell

Following on from our webinar on How to Succeed at Virtual Facilitation, we ran a live, interactive session during which we took some … More

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How to Succeed at Virtual Facilitation

17th April 2020Sonja Antell

Last month we hosted a popular webinar on Best Practice in Facilitation. We followed on with this webinar to help you quickly adapt … More

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Best Practice in Facilitation – Your Questions Answered

16th March 2020Sonja Antell

Last November, Ruth Cook hosted a webinar called Best Practice in Facilitation. It was extremely popular, and included a Q&A session during which … More

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Understanding Best Practice in Group Facilitation

21st November 2019Ruth Cook

Facilitation of groups requires a set of skills and competences to ensure that the session objectives are met and that the process works … More

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Webinars on demand: Action Learning

Whether you are new to action learning, or have some experience of it, our webinars are designed to give you a deeper understanding of its principles and its benefits on an individual and organisational level. If you are in a leadership and development or consultancy role, we recommend these webinars.

Action Learning: Crossing Cultures Webinar

Tuesday 30th November 2021Becky Danks-Burrows

Action learning is a powerful tool for learning and problem-solving. It entails posing questions in small groups and enabling participants to reach their … More

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Action Learning 101: Back to Basics

Wednesday 8th September 2pm BSTGenevieve Ogle

Our new Director, Daisy Bland recently hosted our Action Learning 101: Back to Basics webinar. During the webinar she presented and discussed: What … More

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Using action learning to build teams in a remote world

9th November 2020Ruth Cook

Working in close proximity to our teams is becoming a distant memory for many. What role could action learning play to keep teams … More

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How to succeed at change leadership

17th September 2.30pm - 3.15pmSonja Antell

The scale and speed of change we have all experienced in 2020 has been vast. Uncertainties erode confidence, focus and motivation, so how … More

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Why a culture of continuous learning matters.

21st May 2019Sonja Antell

Hosted by Sonja Antell, find out how action learning effectively embeds life long learning skills into the daily interactions of your people. Following … More

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Action Learning – Building Lasting Change

28th January 2019Ruth Cook

During our 20th Anniversary Celebrations at the end of last year, we were overwhelmed with the generosity of feedback received from customers past … More

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Live action learning webinar

Sonja Antell

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to experience an action learning set, this webinar reveals all. We present a real … More

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What’s in a voice? The art of listening

John Heywood

You may be aware that we often conduct action learning sets virtually, bringing set members together from different locations. The demand for this … More

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Resilience in the workplace – an undervalued asset?

Dr Jeremy Cross

Work isn’t all about money – a key motivational factor is feeling valued as an employee. In these uncertain and changing times, the … More

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Action learning for leaders – an experiential webinar

9th November 2017Mandy Hetherton

Mandy Hetherton presents this webinar on the use of action learning particularly for those in leadership positions. With case study references and a … More

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Action Learning – Question Time

11th July 2018Sonja Antell

If you’ve ever wondered what action learning is, how it can help, and more importantly, if it is right for your organisation, here’s … More

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Action learning – your questions answered

17th October 2018Sonja Antell

Ruth Cook hosted this webinar in which she expanded on the different applications of action learning, giving examples of where and how the … More

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