Webinar: Why a culture of continuous learning matters.

21st May 2.30pm – 3.15pm GMT.

Hosted by Sonja Antell, find out how action learning effectively embeds life long learning skills into the daily interactions of your people.

Following an introduction to the merits of adopting a learning culture the webinar follows our popular interactive format with questions from participants which Sonja answers.

To find out more about action learning, watch any of our series of webinars designed to reveal more about the action learning process and the applications and benefits of action learning. They give a real insight, from exploring the theory to experiencing a an action learning set at work.

Action Learning – Building Lasting Change

28th January 2019 at 2pm (GMT)
By Ruth Cook

During our 20th Anniversary Celebrations at the end of last year, we were overwhelmed with the generosity of feedback received from customers past and present.

We heard many stories of how action learning has changed lives, careers, even whole organisations and movements, all of course for the better. Comments received were truly heartfelt and it was gratifying to revisit the results of 20 years of work in this field.

During this webinar, Ruth Cook has brought together as many examples as she can of how action learning has been used in different ways to bring about lasting change.

She’ll also took a variety of questions from participants about the situations they were facing , and how action learning might help.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a greater understanding of why action learning is such a versatile and powerful driver for change and more specifically, how you can add it to your own developmental tool set.

Action learning – your questions answered

17th October 2018

Ruth Cook hosted this webinar in which she expanded on the different applications of action learning, giving examples of where and how the process is used, and the benefits to individuals and organisations. She then went on to answer questions from our participants, many of which were detailed and demonstrated a deep level of interest in action learning and the practical aspects of using it in the workplace.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Ruth, please contact her directly at Ruth.Cook@actionlearningassociates.co.uk.

Action Learning – Question Time

11th July 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what action learning is, how it can help, and more importantly, if it is right for your organisation, here’s something that might be of interest.

We hosted a live webinar on 11th July during which our  Director, Sonja Antell answered questions from participants.

The questions were many and varied, covering a broad range of topics around the practical applications of running action learning sets through to exploring different models of action learning, and how to manage  when there are more reluctant participants in a set.

If you have more questions and would like a no obligation chat with Sonja, please contact us at info@actionlearningassociates and we will be happy to arrange a telephone appointment.

Action learning for leaders – an experiential webinar

Mandy Hetherton presents this webinar on the use of action learning particularly for those in leadership positions. With case study references and a live taster action learning session, it is packed with useful information and gives a great insight into the applications and effectiveness of action learning in the workplace.

Resilience in the workplace – an undervalued asset?

Work isn’t all about money – a key motivational factor is feeling valued as an employee.

In these uncertain and changing times, the workplace environment is becoming ever more demanding. The organisations that will thrive are the ones that can support, engage and retain their staff. Without it, they risk plummeting productivity and losing top talent.

In this interactive webinar, our guest presenter Dr Jeremy Cross details:

  • why there is an urgent need to focus on employee resilience and well-being
  • practical strategies you can put in place to boost resilience and well-being in your organisation
  • case study examples (from the finance sector, professional services, NHS, and local government) showing how Action Learning is a highly effective intervention

Dr Jeremy Cross is an independent leadership consultant with over 15 years experience delivering accredited training for leading commercial and public sector organisations such as Nike, LEGO and the NHS. This is an informative webinar, packed with useful insights and strategies for immediate implementation.

What’s in a voice? The art of listening

You may be aware that we often conduct action learning sets virtually, bringing set members together from different locations. The demand for this service is on the increase, as budgets are squeezed and the cost of travel prohibits face to face meetings. During this webinar, John Heywood shares some of his research into virtual action learning, as well as some key message for successful virtual action learning.

Live action learning webinar

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to experience an action learning set, this webinar reveals all. We present a real life issue and open the chat function to take questions from our webinar participants. We explain how large organisations like the Body Shop, Heineken, Charitable Foundations and the Arts have used action learning to achieve diverse objectives and how you can apply action learning to great effect in your own organisation.

The secrets of action learning – what makes it so powerful?

We’re often asked what distinguishes action learning from other forms of professional development training, and what makes it so effective. Our first webinar lifts the lid on those secrets of success and how action learning can be a catalyst for enhanced organisational performance. We also explain the theory behind the practice, include examples of how this works in organisations, and a short taster session in which the webinar participants were able to experience action learning real time.