Why take part in an action learning facilitator training course?

Our 3 day action learning facilitator training progamme is often booked up way ahead of time. It’s certainly popular, but potential participants sometimes ask us if it is right for them.

Consultants, managers and individual team members can all benefit from attending the course. As well as learning the practical aspects of how to facilitate action learning sets, we also go into the theory behind action learning – why it is so effective, how to establish trust in new groups, how to ask open questions, and so much more.

The programme takes the form of a workshop, where all participants are fully immersed in the process and everyone has at least one opportunity to facilitate an action learning set.


After each programme, we receive feedback from all participants which reveal what they feel they gained from the experience. So Jung Rim, of the The Social Innovation Exchange, was a participant on our July 2018 course and has kindly agreed to let us share her feedback.

When asked whether she had achieved the aims she set out to at the beginning of the course, and to what extent, her answer to each of the following was ‘completely’:

  • To learn about action learning
  • To learn about applications of action learning
  • To practice facilitation
  • To reflect on her own work and the way she facilitates

What helped So Jung Rim achieve her aims?

“Ruth’s amazing insights, facilitation and depth of knowledge, the group was very supportive and kind, we were well looked after throughout the training. I loved the cosy comfortable, safe environment we were in.”

What did So feel she gained from the programme?

“I had no knowledge of action learning but signed up with the hope of learning about a facilitation method/tool that would enable people to take action/change their practice. I found action learning to be a simple but very effective way of reflecting on my own work and coming up with my own actions towards change.”

Did So approve of the overall structure of the programme?

“We had overall structure but also had freedom and flexibility to explore questions and areas that we wanted to delve into.”

What did the trainer do well?

“She kept the overall structure but really listened and addressed participants’ needs throughout the course, I felt very safe but also challenged during the whole process. She created an amazing safe/reflective environment and I loved her insights and deep observations.”

We asked So if she would recommend the course and why

“This course will provide you with an opportunity to develop as a practitioner and facilitator involved in social change. You will reflect about your own actions/thoughts with a group of peers and you will set actions and gain learnings that are relevant for you. It’ll help you to think, ask questions, reflect and listen to others better.”

You learn what you bring to the programme

Each participant has their own individual reasons for wanting to train as an action learning facilitator, and so the benefits are varied but also very specific to individual roles and importantly are relevant to their own personal and professional development.

Whilst it is a big commitment to take 3 days away, and it’s often an intense yet rewarding learning experience, the new skills you will learn will remain with you and be extremely useful in many situations as you progress through your career.

For more details about our 3 day action learning facilitator training programme including course dates and how to book, please take a look here.

With many thanks to So Jung Rim for her permission to share her feedback.

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