Who is Kim?

I was invited to speak to the Henley Business School Knowledge Management Forum last week and enjoyed a fascinating day meeting members and hearing about the achievements of the Forum, which has been going for 11 years and is clearly highly valued by its members.  A network that works!

So I learnt that the mysterious Kim, present in many conversations stands for Knowledge and Information Management and that professionals in this field aren’t necessarily techies!  In fact the most recent survey of their corporate members showed that the two most common strategic purposes for KM were:
-improving internal collaboration to improve organisational performance and
-improving internal collaboration to increase agility.

A perfect opportunity for action learning!  The forum offers action learning to all its membership.  I was invited to speak about ALA’s broad experience and the range of uses of action learning.

The discussion focussed on how people might take action learning back into their organisations.

They were motivated by their own experience of the value of action learning to see how it could be used as a tool for working across silos, breaking down barriers, sharing knowledge and increasing understanding across their business.


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