What’s in a voice? The art of listening – Webinar

With increasing pressure to save time and cut travel expenses, plus give due consideration to the environment, it’s not surprising that we have witnessed a surge in interest in virtual action learning to work with teams spread in different locations. This webinar gives you an insight into how this might work in practice and in the value it delivers for its participants.

During this webinar, John Heywood will share some of his research into virtual action learning as well as some key messages for successful virtual working. You will be invited to consider the wealth and quality of data available in the voice as you take part in a listening exercise.

John will go on to explain how he uses the power of effective listening in his practice as a virtual action learning facilitator, bringing together participants from remote locations to tune in via telephone or web-based technologies to listen and learn from one another.

The webinar took place on 26th January 2017. You can listen to a recording by simply clicking this link.

You may also be interested in reading John’s recent article Collaborating in the virtual space, observations from practice.

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