Feedback from our customers who participated in Virtual action learning

Participants of virtual action learning take part in action learning sets without travelling to attend. It can help bring peers together from multinational organisations. Our work has reached people in 57 countries across the globe, and we can operate in several languages including French, Spanish and Russian.

The skills I have developed from both being a set facilitator and a set member have changed and enhanced my work as a coach, a mentor, a mediator and facilitator.  And as a process, Action Learning has enabled me to make a more full offer to clients – to continue their learning and support for each other, in their work – sometimes around specific areas of training.  

I expect I will be involved with Action Learning as a facilitator and set member for the rest of my professional life and beyond.


Ann Lukens

I really enjoyed the virtual action learning training and found it really comfortable – being in a space and focusing on what I am hearing.  I felt very engaged in every session and experienced it as a really powerful process

Toby Lindsay Lecturer and consultant

At the beginning of the course the idea of facilitating a virtual set would have made me very nervous.  Experiencing it has given me the confidence to do it. Virtual action learning is like stepping into another world – a curious but engaging experience”

Lynda Haddock Education Consultant

Shutting down one of your senses conveys benefits. It has made my hearing work harder and be better

It wasn’t nearly as alien as it sounded on paper.  It has been a really interesting experience. VAL is extraordinarily powerful: the silences, the questioning, the process, the fact that it works without having visual identities.

Pauline Johnson Former academic

It is a really effective method of delivering accelerated and sustainable learning

Paul Marvel Head of Fundraising Strategy British Red Cross

Apart from learning the methodology itself, I feel that I have gained confidence in a type of activity (facilitation) that is completely out of my comfort zone.

Macarena Cuenca Deusto University, Spain

An intense experience, challenging and intriguing.  I’ve gained a new trust in people’s possibility of ongoing improvement. I feel that I am better in supporting others to achieve their goals.

Alessandra Gariboldi Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Italy

It has been a really great experience to be working transnational – giving us a bit of an insight of how this kind of work and methods can be implied in different cultural DNAs in quite different European cultures

Solveig Thorborg Salaam Film & Dialogue, Denmark

This has been really useful.  Virtual action learning feels a lot less different than I had imagined.   I was struck by how quickly the set, with the support of a skilled facilitator, built an intimate rapport. Action learning requires strong listening skills and only having the voice to go on led to us to be strongly focussed. The structure and methodology work even though we are not in the same room

Sue Isherwood Director, Leading Learning Programme