Feedback from our customers who participated in Virtual action learning

Participants of virtual action learning take part in action learning sets without travelling to attend. It can help bring peers together from multinational organisations. Our work has reached people in 57 countries across the globe, and we can operate in several languages including French, Spanish and Russian.

I gained more confidence in facilitating AL in the virtual space and was able to explore a range of possible techniques. Experienced role as presenter and participants, which really helps to understand those perspectives as a facilitator. Overcame my online deficit mindset. Learned about other inline tools that can be used.

Helen Wallis Dowling

I’m a sole trader, but I will definitely be championing the value of virtual action learning – especially in the midst of the pandemic, but also as a powerful way of bringing people together in a safe, fruitful way to tackle issues.

I’ve gained a greater understanding of action learning sets and think that I will be able to use this to the benefit of the organisation in the future.

British Red Cross

The course is brilliant. Thank you, I’d recommend it.

British Red Cross

This  methodology has a useful structure which can help teams learn together, discuss their issues in a safe environment, create generative dialogue and solutions. It increases team spirit, awareness, motivation and eventually performance in organisations.

Also, in today’s global and fast changing business environment, being able to do it virtually saves time and cost. 

The system is easy to implement. 

Belkis Kazmirci

Being new to the world of digital campaigning the virtual action learning set was really useful as it gave me access to experienced campaigners who have a solid grasp of the use and potential for a really strategic and powerful engagement tool. VAL is a great way to connect with people doing the same work as you.  It was great to learn from both the differences and similarities in challenges that we face and have access to people who’ve struggled with similar issues.

Campaign Manager Leadnow

Virtual action learning would be a wonderful tool to use if face to face discussions for parent/teacher meetings are difficult to plan but necessary for the team to have. Especially in today’s society when parents, teachers, therapists, and other stakeholders all have different schedules and find it hard to be in one place for a set time, using the virtual action learning model to work through a potential problem that may arise in the school environment may be beneficial for all involved.

Jennifer Roberts Teacher Family First International School, Bermuda

In a VAL set you can talk frankly about your issues, everything said is in confidence. No advice is given, they ask questions and you will find the answers yourself. Then you do whatever is your plan on the issue and report back the next time.

Head of Organizing Campact

Being forced to listen to others speak and pay close attention to what they are saying allowed me to take my focus off myself and to tune in wholeheartedly to my set members. Virtual action learning is an excellent tool.

Daltonell Minors Deputy Principal Family First School, Bermuda

Virtual action learning is a viable option when you desire to connect people who are separated by geography to achieve a common learning and organisational goal .. We are a more cohesive team and more focused on utilizing this approach within our organisation.

Physiotherapist Family First School,