Feedback from our customers who participated in Virtual action learning facilitator training

I now have trust in the process of the whole approach, it’s been great to have the ability to share with total strangers and see how the group developed. It’s been a liberating experience for me.

Karin Wellbrock, Kay Group, Japan

It has reinvigorated my passion for action learning. It has definitely acted as Continuous Professional Development for me. I’ve learned about how I could include Virtual Action Learning in my freelance work.

LaToyah McAllister-Jones, Consultant

I’m more competent about facilitating Virtual Action Learning now, I understand the differences and the similarities. I am an action learning convert and this experience has extended it.

Fiona Becker, NSPCC

I appreciated working with all of you and I benefited from it. How often do we get feedback when we facilitate? It felt honest and constructive. It was refreshing to have people from different walks of life. I’ve enjoyed being with nice and friendly company. The last session about how we sell and promote it to companies has been very useful.

Axel Wellbrock, Kay Group, Japan