Feedback from our customers who participated in In house sets

In-house sets take place within organisations, bringing colleagues together to explore, question and resolve problems in the workplace.
Sets are often incorporated into leadership development, organisational change, culture change programmes and mergers.

As a new manager/supervisor, it has helped very much when listening and managing my team… It really highlights the human aspects, not only the technical aspects of a working situation.

Cathy Boyle, WTO

Enables me to approach existing challenges with alternative perspectives/insight

Neil Frackleton, SWACA

It has been hugely beneficial to help me understand how I can be more efficient in my role… I have peer support to call upon and I am a more confident leader.

Clare Ashworth, Chapter

I’m now able to sort out, to delegate, to listen… better. I am now a better worker and a better manager.

Emeline Dolmazion, CERN

I believe I will be a better supervisor to my team and therefore a better colleague and member of the organisation. Do it – be open, as action learning is! You learn not only about others but about yourself.


You are going to learn to interact and communicate at a whole different level that will bring concrete results. You can adapt it to both professional and personal life.


What has changed for me is how I play my role in providing advice. I do not feel that I have to solve everything but I know how I can help others to reflect and consider their issues.

Rosa Sanchez-Vizcaino, UPOV

Lastly I would like to thank you for the excellent course, I personally feel it has been a really useful space to reflect on personal behaviours and also connect with colleagues in a different way. I would certainly recommend it for anyone aspiring to leadership.

Paul Clarke, Domino UK

I hope it has empowered my team to come to their own answers and to allow them to communicate them out to the wider business.

Gavin Thomas Technical Print & Performance Manager The Body Shop

This process really helps you think about approaching issues from different angles – to allow you to see the bigger picture and how you can best break it down. I spend a lot of time problem solving – this has certainly given me more confidence and greater scope when approaching an issue – looking at different aspects – asking different questions.

Surveillance Manager The Body Shop