Feedback from our customers who participated in Open cross sector sets

Open cross sector sets bring together peers from a range of industry sectors who may face similar challenges and can learn from each other. The sessions run at CEO/ Director and senior manager level and many participants continue to meet as self-facilitating groups today.

The training provides me with tools that reinforce my self confidence. I am able to apply them on a daily basis.

Veronica Scerbo, WTO

An excellent tool to encourage communication and problem solving. I am more confident in speaking out on issues that concern me. It’s great to have a safe place to voice worries. Look forward to continuing and learning more.

Susan Conn, WTO

Action learning has been really helpful. From the first session I was empowered to make changes to my professional circumstances. My organisation has gained an empowered individual who will be passing the skills to other peers in our mini sessions. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Life changing in that I took action after presenting to the group and my work life has improved dramatically. The training has also made me more aware of personal initiatives that can be taken to improve relationships on a daily basis. I listen more and am more reflective before acting.

Action learning helps you to grow, to be self confident, to stand up for your rights, and to protect yourself from negative issues. I am now more committed to the organisation as it cares about my needs. Action learning has been a great discovery for me.

Gonin, WTO

I now feel able to manage a team more effectively and deal with issues. Action learning is like a kit of tools that help professionals deal with tricky situations and conversations.

I have learned coping mechanisms which I have used professionally. I am calmer, able to spot issues and resolve them, and have become more empathetic.

Cynthia Guerrero, OHCHR

Valuable and thought provoking. Great to have space and time away from the office to reflect on personal growth.

Richard Holmes

I have brought action learning more into my ‘one to ones’ with staff. I have stepped back and become more reflective.

The potential of it is immeasurable. Commit to it, be open to a new way of learning and developing. ALS have a unique and amazing approach, couldn’t recommend it highly enough

Nikki Sansom