The richness of different perspectives in an action learning set

In an action learning set you often find members who coach others and value the depth of this one to one work.  Joining a set can make people speculate about the group aspect of action learning.

While individual coaching skills do lend themselves to action learning, the richness and diversity gained from listening to the different perspectives in a set provides for new layers of learning.

During any presentation in a set , participants will, of course, ask entirely different open questions and see different themes of exploration.  But they will also hear the presentation differently from anyone else and understand the nature of what they have heard in a different way.  For human perception there is no one right answer because of the essentially subjective nature of perception.  Many challenges in our daily interaction arise because we perceive the same situation differently from others, even others who were present at the time.  This is of real value in an action learning set.

Questions about a part of a presentation that had not occurred to us as relevant, challenge our assumptions and world view – which is really of value.  They illuminate the diversity of perspectives set members have.  A presenter’s closing reflections often surprise us as to what was most helpful for them and reinforce that “our” way of seeing things is not the only one.  Experiencing this in a structured action learning set where trust has been built provides a continual source of reflection and learning on the nature of human perception and the variety of the different perspectives.

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