What our customers say about us

We encourage feedback from all of our clients. It gives us an insight into the individual experiences they have had, what they have gained from the process, and how action learning has helped.

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An additional toolkit for supporting social justice initiatives and system challenges work (embedding new learning). It is a great skill and toolkit for use within groups/organisations. I feel like I am a more competent practitioner and advocate of social justice for it!

Ekow Oliver, Rivers Coaching

Great preparation and facilitation by Ruth. Give yourself the gift of this course!

Mirka Wojnar, Anthony Nolan Trust

Fantastic way to learn about action learning sets and a solid grounding of the skills needed to be in a set and facilitate sets. The programme is structured perfectly to enhance the learning experience and be able to take in a huge amount of information.

Katy Marshall, Head of Learning and OD

It was a real privilege to be trained by someone who remains so passionate and committed. It is quite transformative if you allow it to be, on many levels.

Great trainer and absorbing subject, that you really come away feeling that you have the necessary skills to facilitate but also a passion for the practice.

Jacky Bourke White

It’s a thoroughly tried and tested course, benefitting from many groups before ours. Self funding it makes it feel an even more valuable investment than if an employer had paid!

Charlotte Crowe, L&D Consultant

A new method for my toolkit that expands how I work with my clients. Very worthwhile adding this to your offerings as it’s an approach that has many uses.

Very practical insights with good commercial awareness and corporate usage of action learning sets. Main take-away for me is that action learning can be used to encourage peer to peer coaching in an organisation and it is important to balance support and challenge in a set.

Participating has given me resilience to do my job. I have a greater sense of empowerment. I recommend this to other colleagues to join the network.

Michelle Keating, United Nations Office at Geneva

I have gained a safe space to discuss complex management challenges, practical approaches to problem solving, greater self awareness and a more mindful management style.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe