Feedback from our customers in the Public sector

I have learnt within 3 days not to jump in, interrupt and try to give advice

Toisin Abedisi University of Sussex

Well structured, allowed plenty of time to practise skills and created a safe environment where individuals could grow self-awareness.

Anny Bodenstein Senior Manager, Organisational Development States of Jersey

Well structured, right number of days to do it properly with the appropriate amount of reflection time.

OD Manager

It (Action Learning Facilitator Training) provides you with the skills, experience and confidence to run action learning sets in your organisation.

Senior OD Manager

Realising the importance of creating time and space for reflection on important issues and the power of listening and mental support for others.

Ronald Jans Chief of Section World Trade Organization

You should come on this course because you will be able to apply all or some of your learning in the workplace and generally in life! I liked the  fact that you  start practicing and applying your learning from the offset.

Laura Ridout Stakeholder, Engagment & Development Manager Public Health Action

It’s a great experience. You will discover things about yourself, the power of authentic questioning and of a group that you did not think of beforehand! It has helped me evelop listening and questioning skills as well as understand managerial styles and their advantages and drawbacks.

Guilia Ferrari Research Fellow London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Action learning open doors to both your own abiliites and identifying those in others. It’s a very useful tool to apply both at work and outside work.  It’s great for problem solving.

Project Manager London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

What I liked about this course was the group dynamics and learning from others. I felt appropriately challenged over the three days and also learnt a lot about myself.

Margaret Bentley Head of Talent & Educational Development London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Excellently designed and delivered course. When I first saw the length of the course I was sceptical that I could be kept engaged and there was enough to fill the time but was proved wrong.

Gary Mallett L&D Officer Hertfordshire County Council