Feedback from our customers in the Public sector

Fantastic way to learn about action learning sets and a solid grounding of the skills needed to be in a set and facilitate sets. The programme is structured perfectly to enhance the learning experience and be able to take in a huge amount of information.

Katy Marshall, Head of Learning and OD

It was a real privilege to be trained by someone who remains so passionate and committed. It is quite transformative if you allow it to be, on many levels.

Participating has given me resilience to do my job. I have a greater sense of empowerment. I recommend this to other colleagues to join the network.

Michelle Keating, United Nations Office at Geneva

I have gained a safe space to discuss complex management challenges, practical approaches to problem solving, greater self awareness and a more mindful management style.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

As women directors, we have many similar challenges, it is nice to know we are not alone. I believe I am now a more confident and empowered director.

International Labour Organisation

It has been and remains an invaluable platform to provide a much needed and appreciated supportive environment for us.

Xiaolin Chai, WTO

Gained a huge amount from the support of colleagues. Powerful, brings together relationships, you learn as much from listening as you do from talking.

Tracey Faraday-Drake, Programme Director

I am more confident in speaking up in exec and board meetings. Excellent facilitation, impartial, fair, firm but gently guiding us through the process.

Caroline Kenyon, Director of Communications and Engagement

Do it! It is not navel gazing or self indulgent. Learn about yourself while supporting others. It is surprisingly hard work but very rewarding to take part in.

Director of Operations

I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I have been looking forward to it for a long time and it didn’t disappoint, it met my expectations and more.

Education Development Manager