Feedback from our customers in the Public sector

Excellent facilitation, ALS is a valuable skill to have within organisations.

Janine La Rosa, NEL CSU

Fantastic course, well structured and perfect for any organisation looking to develop their performance and become successful.

Harri Paddan, NEL CSU

A clear, structured programme – a great technique I can see many opportunities to implement.

Helen Campbell, NEL CSU

A very good, worthwhile course. I’ve seen this process work for lots of teams, something organisations should definitely use.

Lesley Caller, NEL CSU

I learnt a new method that I could help groups/communities/orgnasiations I work in or for develop and make a change. Really worth doing. One of the best/most practical courses I have ever done.

Petra Pojerova

I will be using this training straight away for my workshops. Highly recommended. You might think you can’t do it before you go but I guarantee that Sonja will help you with the skills. Absolutely brilliant, thank you!

Sue Connell, Wandsworth Social Care Academy

This is three days really well spent. The knowledge and skills you will gain through this programme will be invaluable no matter what your organisation does. Fantastic experience, a huge learning for me.

Patrice Cooper, University College, Cork

Transformation learning experience which has potential for direct impact on practice. Intense, tiring but absorbing.

Julie Luscombe, Jersey Hospice Care

If you want to understand about making a real difference to you and the people you are responsible for, this is the course for you.

Mark Perks, Citizens Advice

I have gained enhanced ability to run and commission groups – to help develop people in a different way to input courses.