Feedback from our customers in the Independent consultants sector

My action learning set continued to meet as a self- facilitated set and was extremely valuable. I am struck that for all of us it  changed the way we are, let alone what we do in the world and at work. There is a sense of rootedness and groundedness in each of us that has come from the enhanced sense of our own worth and capacity we gained from working together in an action learning set

Jennie Levin Independent consultant

It’s definitely worth undertaking action learning to broaden one’s horizons, meet new and interesting people in similar roles whilst learning a new technique for solving problems

Peter Spindler Director Peter Spindler Associates

Action learning is a great use of time to develop as a manager, colleague and human being

Rachel Rees Independent Civic & Social Organization Professional

Sonja held the space and the set, she was still, calm, steady and consistent and extremely sensitive to the needs of the group.  She gained my trust very quickly, enabled me to be vulnerable, to contribute and thus speed up my learning

Louise Ladbrooke Freelance consultant

I really enjoyed the virtual action learning training and found it really comfortable – being in a space and focusing on what I am hearing.  I felt very engaged in every session and experienced it as a really powerful process

Toby Lindsay Lecturer and consultant

At the beginning of the course the idea of facilitating a virtual set would have made me very nervous.  Experiencing it has given me the confidence to do it. Virtual action learning is like stepping into another world – a curious but engaging experience”

Lynda Haddock Education Consultant

Shutting down one of your senses conveys benefits. It has made my hearing work harder and be better

It wasn’t nearly as alien as it sounded on paper.  It has been a really interesting experience. VAL is extraordinarily powerful: the silences, the questioning, the process, the fact that it works without having visual identities.

Pauline Johnson Former academic

The experiential methodology was fantastic and gave me a good sense of what an action learning set might feel like. I feel very inspired and keen to get some experience in setting up and running action learning sets

Annabel Park Freelance consultant

Sonja facilitated a safe and open group which enabled me to experience the process first hand and gave useful feedback that gave me a clear focus for future development. The course was well structured, and a safe learning environment.

Miranda Salmon Freelance consultant