Feedback from our customers in the Independent consultants sector

Action Learning is a tool you want to have in your kit.  It was mentally invigorating.

Pat Kirby Pat Kirby Coaching Services

The trainer was Sonja Antell. Sonja was able to supplement the course material with lots of references to her own experiences which were interesting, added to the learning, and to our respect for her as a facilitator. She gave us time to explore things, and very quickly established an environment of trust within the group

This  methodology has a useful structure which can help teams learn together, discuss their issues in a safe environment, create generative dialogue and solutions. It increases team spirit, awareness, motivation and eventually performance in organisations.

Also, in today’s global and fast changing business environment, being able to do it virtually saves time and cost. 

The system is easy to implement. 

Belkis Kazmirci

The course offers an exploration of a different and powerful way of problem solving. Ruth took us along the journey very well, allowing us to improve our technique by practice, which suits my learning style well.

Fran McArthur

A highly motivating learning experience.  I was impressed by the diversity of the participants and their practical experiences of action learning and gained confirmation of the value of action learning.

Claire-Marie Barth Global Development Consultant

Keeping the log has been great because all that learning from the three day course is captured here and I have realised that there is an undercurrent running through everything I do. Doing this has increased my capacity to hold the space for people.

Helen Battersby Good to Great Coaching

As an experienced action learning facilitator it gave me new practical ideas to embed action learning in organisations.

Michael Craven Senior Knowledge Consultant

It is an opportunity to refresh your knowledge and practice of action learning … I particularly liked having an open platform for sharing, reflecting and learning.

Claire-Marie Barth Global Development Consultant

What I liked about this masterclass was the pace of delivery and rigour of the content.  I left feeling reinvigorated and motivated.

Liz Bacon Pause For

The skills I have developed from both being a set facilitator and a set member have changed and enhanced my work as a coach, a mentor, a mediator and facilitator.  And as a process, Action Learning has enabled me to make a more full offer to clients – to continue their learning and support for each other, in their work – sometimes around specific areas of training.  

I expect I will be involved with Action Learning as a facilitator and set member for the rest of my professional life and beyond.


Ann Lukens