Feedback from our customers in the Independent consultants sector

I gained more confidence in facilitating AL in the virtual space and was able to explore a range of possible techniques. Experienced role as presenter and participants, which really helps to understand those perspectives as a facilitator. Overcame my online deficit mindset. Learned about other inline tools that can be used.

Helen Wallis Dowling

I’m a sole trader, but I will definitely be championing the value of virtual action learning – especially in the midst of the pandemic, but also as a powerful way of bringing people together in a safe, fruitful way to tackle issues.

I gained a sense of the power of action learning as a tool. Do it! It’s a real eye opener.

Richard George

I have gained so much from the course, I have a much deeper understanding and knowledge of action learning set facilitation and it has generated in me the desire to learn more and practice more. I’m excited by the possibilities! I would highly recommend the course and would tell others that it would give them the best possible springboard to understanding action learning sets enough to be able to become a facilitator.

Karen Bishi

An additional toolkit for supporting social justice initiatives and system challenges work (embedding new learning). It is a great skill and toolkit for use within groups/organisations. I feel like I am a more competent practitioner and advocate of social justice for it!

Ekow Oliver, Rivers Coaching

Great trainer and absorbing subject, that you really come away feeling that you have the necessary skills to facilitate but also a passion for the practice.

Jacky Bourke White

It’s a thoroughly tried and tested course, benefitting from many groups before ours. Self funding it makes it feel an even more valuable investment than if an employer had paid!

Charlotte Crowe, L&D Consultant

A new method for my toolkit that expands how I work with my clients. Very worthwhile adding this to your offerings as it’s an approach that has many uses.

It gave me the chance to practice my facilitation skills and reflect on how we can best use action learning in my organisation.

Katie Blanchard

I learnt new insights and sharpening of skills to take back and practice. Very thorough, practical and enjoyable. Great supporting materials.

Sarah Frost, consultant