Feedback from our customers in the Cultural sector

It is so valuable to learn this method and invest time and energy in doing it properly. This should not be ‘tried’ without this training.

Natalie Phillips, Arts Council England

If you want to use a new method for improving the way your team is working, this is the course for you.

If you want an immersive experience of action learning to understand how it works and what are the benefits on a personal and organisational level, this course is for you.

It has reinvigorated my passion for action learning. It has definitely acted as Continuous Professional Development for me. I’ve learned about how I could include Virtual Action Learning in my freelance work.

LaToyah McAllister-Jones, Consultant

There are many ways I will use the course in my daily work which benefit both myself and my organisation.  The skill of open questioning in meetings management – reflection skills to use in the workplace – active listening – a very hard skill to develop and maintain.  ALA’s expertise and knowledge around action learning makes this course unique – it’s a fantastic way to work with people.

Anna Wilson Music & Cross Arts Producer Barbican

“Written wisdom” about management, change, leadership – all that- always comes across as a bit vague, macho and snake oilish.  Action learning is refreshing because you spend your time actually doing something – there are no buzzwords, no sexy claims, and it just works.

Digital Content Officer National Museum of Wales

A fantastically run course which will be useful to the company – adding capacity with trained associates and a clear idea of new income streams

Rachel Billington Director Partners in Creative Learning

I found Ruth’s experience of action learning and her philosophical approach to be inspiring but also grounded in sage, practical advice.  Overall, I found the course to be really rewarding

Alison Edbury Chief Exec & Co

I found the whole course to be a powerful and immensely positive experience with impacts beyond application in the workplace

Sarah Boiling Deputy Director (former) Audience Agency

The space to deal with problems that are constantly in the back of your mind at work but never make it to the front is invaluable as it frees up that space in the mind and has jumped projects ahead of where they would be otherwise

London arts manager