Tackling the “wicked” problems of social disadvantage – action learning supporting network for change

Often our work means we get to support organisations which are looking to solve “wicked” problems (in Reg Revan’s language) and many of these have a profound purpose in terms of bringing about change within society.

Our work with the Lankelly Chase Foundation is of this nature. Lankelly Chase works to bring about change that will transform the quality of life for people who face severe and multiple disadvantage. To do this they set up a “Promoting Change Network” to support over 40 organisations which receive funding from the Foundation and which face “wicked” challenges in their work. Typical service users face multiple problems which can include homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, violence and abuse and chronic poverty.

Action Learning Associates ran regional action learning sets for the Promoting Change Network with members drawn from “outstanding organisations across the country working to shine a light on hidden aspects of the experience of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage to find new ways to give power to service users and provide excellent, person-centered, transformative services”.

Leaders came together in their sets to explore challenges in depth and gain new insights and actions. Coming from different organisations – all with a shared purpose to support people who face severe disadvantage – provided a real richness of learning. Leaders found the sets reduced isolation and helped them build a peer network with common values and purpose.  We are pleased to be working with Lankelly Chase Foundation to continue the work and you can read a detailed account of the learning from the action learning sets here.

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