Mexico and Asia Pacific join HEINEKEN global action learning programme

Ruth Cook with participants from Mexico, Suriname and USA

Now in its third year of supporting HEINEKEN International with its global leadership development programme for first line managers ALA has trained over 100 internal “learning coaches” to run action learning sets across the globe.

Just returning from co-delivering a programme in Amsterdam, Managing Director, Ruth Cook said “For the first time we worked with participants from Mexico and Asia Pacific – two regions with very large HEINEKEN operating companies with enormous potential for using action learning.  I believe our work with HEINEKEN demonstrates ALA’s experience in adapting to a global environment, working with people of different cultures and successfully scaling up action learning in a global marketplace”.

ALA has run training programmes for HEINEKEN in Amsterdam, Vienna, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo which have resulted in action learning sets being run in most European countries, the Americas (primarily the South Americas) and many African countries.  See our case study for further information on the success of the HEINEKEN programme and its impact on the company.

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