May 2021 newsletter – cross-sector sets

Action Learning Associates is currently recruiting for several cross-sector action learning sets. In these sets, we match groups of five to eight peers who work together on the particular challenges the set members bring. The action learning process is structured so as to create reflective space, allowing set members to generate innovative ideas and solutions. Cross-sector sets benefit from the diverse experience and perspectives that people from different professional and personal backgrounds bring; they are stimulating as well as focused and productive. Read on for details about some current opportunities to join one of our cross-sector action learning sets. 

CEO/Directors’ sets: Running an organisation can be a lonely experience. To whom do you go to share the wicked problems you face, to gain fresh thinking and work through solutions that move your organisation forward?  

For over 20 years, ALA has been organising cross-sector sets for senior leaders, in which a group of up to eight peers – all at CEO or Director level – meet to address the challenges they face in an entirely confidential space. These sets provide an opportunity to receive input from people carefully matched from complimentary organisations. They offer you structured reflection time away from immediate work demands to focus on what might keep you awake at night.  

We currently have spaces in a new set planned for Autumn 2021 and facilitated by ALA’s Founder and Managing Director, Ruth Cook. The group will meet face-to-face in London for five days over a fifteen month period. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Ruth Cook 

Racial Justice sets: In our last newsletter we included a piece about ALA’s forthcoming cross-sector action learning sets that will focus on racial justice. The sets will create a safe and entirely confidential place in which set members will be challenged and supported to explore, reflect and tackle the complex situations they face, and identify creative solutions to create change for racial equality and inclusivity.  

The sets will be facilitated by Ruth Cook and Pat Joseph, an ALA Associate with 30 years of experience of addressing inequalities and anti-racist work. If you are someone that has agency where you work and want to make profound changes in your organisation’s response to racial injustice, then we invite you to join one of these sets. More details can be found in this downloadable flyer (pdf, 176kb), and expressions of interest should be sent to Ruth Cook as soon as possible.  

Climate and Ecological Emergency sets: ALA is proud to offer pro bono action learning sets that focus on creating effective responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE). These sets are for people who know that, whether their organisations are in the business of protecting the environment (sustainable energy, CEE research, local government) or exist for something else entirely (TV, an art gallery, advertising), they simply must pay attention to the imminent extinction of so many species, the imbalance in the natural world, and the human suffering that is already taking place on a massive scale in the Global South.  

Membership of these sets rests on each person having the power, or agency, to implement their action plans. We are always recruiting to expand our work and reach in this extremely important area. If you would like to join a set, please contact Di Bligh. 

Courses: Our flagship action learning facilitator training course continues to offer comprehensive, experiential and highly regarded facilitator training to the public, private and voluntary sectors, both in the UK and internationally.  

I would highly recommend action learning and see it as a great skill to have to support with a multitude of activity from organisational development to social development and personal change. 

I was exceptionally happy with Ruth [our trainer] and would like to say a big thank you as I’ve gained amazing experience and skills through action learning and have already started to use these skills to drive myself and the organisation forward. – Charles Officer, an HR specialist and participant in ALA’s March facilitator training.  

Though our upcoming courses are fully booked, we still have spaces available 6-8 July, and we are planning to offer both face-to-face and virtual programmes in October 2021. Book now to reserve your place!  

Do follow us on Twitter at @ALAactionlearn and LinkedIn for regular updates and more course news. 


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