Leadership and learning in the arts

Bligh, Di, Chacksfield, Clare and Sapsed, Ruth (2009) ‘Leadership and learning in the arts’, Action Learning: Research and Practice, 6: 3, 343 – 348 an account of practice by Senior Associate, Di Bligh, in a special issue of the journal which examined the use of action learning with SMEs.

Co-written by Clare Chacksfield of Eastfeast and Ruth Sapsed of Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination this article gives an in depth insight into the experiences of these two heads of small SMEs in the east of England who took part in the CLP funded Leadership Facilitation Skills programme.

Their reflections include their initial perceptions on the impact of action learning ideas on their leadership, considerations of how they might continue to develop as leaders and how they might use action learning in the future development of their companies.

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