Improving access to land for women in the Muslim world

Managing Director, Ruth Cook, has just returned from facilitating a Practitioners Group Meeting in Amman, Jordan. Organised by the Global Land Tools Network (GLTN) partners UN-Habitat, University of East London and Utban Training and Studies Institute, the event was designed to enable a wide group of experts and change agents from the Muslim world to contribute to the work on women access to land and tenure security in their region.

Participants included academics, women’s rights activists, land professionals, government officials and policy makers. Experience was shared from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Malaysia.

The group organising the event have worked as a virtual action learning set since March 2014. They have used action learning to share experience, develop ideas and test out their thinking about how women’s rights can be improved.

Professor Siraj Sait of the University of East London, said at the conclusion of the workshop “This work is important in generating spaces for pluralist debate among Muslims and focus on real issues such as women’s empowerment.  We cannot abandon the field to extremists”

Participants left inspired by the experience of others and with new knowledge and understanding of possible practical ways to improve access to land and tenure security for women.

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