ILM higher level endorsed programme – your action learning reflective learning log

Participants of our action learning facilitator training programme often go on to complete their qualification with the ILM higher level endorsed programme. This involves producing a reflective learning log for a period of around 6 – 9 months which will log your experiences of facilitating action learning sets, your observations and further learning during your practice.

What does a reflective learning log look like?

L=P&QThe log can be presented in a style that suits you, a document or video diary for example. It should be between 1500 and 7000 words and can contain images or sketches to illustrate your thoughts.

We recently received a document giving an account of recent experiences in action learning facilitation from an international participant who took part in a virtual action learning facilitator training programme. He is based in Turkey and has been using action learning in a Turkish Bank, and for an Oil and Gas client.

He began with an explanation of what the document was setting out to explain, followed by a couple of detailed examples of where and how he had used action learning, the reasons for doing so, how he had adapted it to the needs of the organisations he was working for, and his experiences of delivery.

The log also shared the results of the action learning programmes, and personal reflections on the effectiveness of the action learning sets, what worked and what challenges he encountered along the way. These challenges presented opportunities for additional learning – what could be done differently to pre-empt difficulties? How could participants be better prepared to enter the process?

The log also observed the positive impact of action learning, and how this made him feel, how it bolstered his confidence, both as a practitioner, and in the action learning process itself. This he said, would further shape his approach to action learning in the future.

General reflections noted how he would change some of the practical aspects of setting up a set, to take into account the different personalities and expectations of participants, and to identify some of his own weaknesses and how they became prevalent at this stage.

Through the process of asking open questions, he noted and got a feel for which questions are perhaps more powerful than others, and how to educate others in the art of questioning with this evolving insight and knowledge. He observed the personal growth and sense of empowerment and responsibility that grew as the programme evolved.

The learning log went on to look into the future, to see how action learning might be used as part of wider development programmes, and in fact to make it integral, such is its impact.

In summary, and on reflection, it became clear as the learning log evolved that the belief and deeper understanding of the value of action learning grew and became augmented. It was a very interesting read, helping to consolidate the learning and acknowledge both the good and the more challenging aspects of action learning.

What might your learning log look like?

For your own approach, we are simply looking for an account of your own experiences, and you can present these in any way that you wish. During the process of reflection, as you write your log, we hope that you will find it both a rewarding and a learning experience in itself.

We run ILM Endorsed Programme days on a regular basis for trained action learning facilitators. It’s a chance to meet and share experiences with others, to ask questions and gain a high level CPD accolade. For more details and how to apply, visit our web page.



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