Everything you want to know about virtual action learning …but were afraid to ask


 Heard about Virtual Action Learning but not sure what it’s all about?  Virtual action learning (VAL ) is now firmly established as a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to face to face action learning particularly for international or dispersed groups.  Some practitioners even prefer virtual working reporting the lack of visual distractions enhances listening and reflection.

But it’s still a bit of a mystery to some people so we’ve produced a new video – “What is virtual action learning?”  With a clear description of the VAL process, Senior Associate Mandy Hetherton looks at the challenges of facilitating virtually as well as the benefits and future potential for bringing together people from across the globe and enhancing virtual skills for leaders.   You can also watch a VAL set to see how the process really works.  Check it out on our YouTube channel and feel free to share.


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