Embedding learning in your business – business driven action learning

If we could show you ways to embed learning in your organisation in a way that sustainably develops its people – would you be interested?

One of the greatest challenges in planning development initiatives for (global) companies is how to ensure there will be a benefit and especially a lasting one. Knowing you are getting a return on the investment is really important whether it is leadership work or organisation development. How do you guarantee that the resources that have gone into the programme will reap rewards?

Action learning facilitator training gives your team the ability to improve leadership development and organisation development initiatives again and again. Trained action learning facilitators have the capability to develop others to find the resourcefulness and resilience they need to respond to a constantly changing work environment. They can repeatedly build internal peer networks to improve cross team working, reduce silo behaviour and involve people during times of change in being part of the solution rather than the problem.

Trained in house action learning facilitators bring together small sets of people to solve urgent and important business challenges while learning as they go. A powerful problem-solving tool that simultaneously develops excellent team and leadership skills.

Business Week recently quoted action learning as the “problem-solving tool of the 21st century”

As people in action learning sets work on real work issues, their motivation to actually implement the learning is high. This overcomes a classic challenge for L& D directors everywhere. We hear that the action learning sets that our trained facilitators run have the greatest impact on behaviour change in the workplace, compared to a range of classroom learning initiatives. As set members take actions they are committed to, their confidence develops and they increasingly impact all those around them in the workplace.

Commercial return

Having a team of in house action learning facilitators allows them to repeatedly reach and influence groups of people to achieve long lasting change. Action learning builds reflective practice and critical thinking in the workplace. These skills, once learnt are not unlearnt. Individual insight is developed through reflective learning and this is evident in all the individual does at work. This positively impacts the whole organisation again and again.

This continued application of new skills gives organisations a high return on investment, through improved work ethics, capabilities and teaching of problem-solving skills to other team members. In fact we’d go so far as to say that it represents the best value professional development that your training budget could buy.

Further details of in house action learning facilitator training can be found here. 

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