Virtual facilitation skills – in-house course

Managers and team leaders are increasingly being required to direct teams, hold meetings and facilitate groups virtually. For many of us not used to working this way, this requires a new set of skills or perhaps a desire to add to our existing virtual facilitation skill set.

Keeping projects on course, supervising and motivating staff is all a little different in the virtual world, but it can be managed well with the right skill sets.

This 3.5 hour, practical course is designed to give leaders and managers the knowledge and experience necessary to fulfil their role successfully when working virtually.

During this course, participants will explore the role of the facilitator and have the opportunity to practice some of the practical aspects of virtual facilitation.

They will learn:

  • The protocols for working virtually
  • Key facilitation skills
  • How to facilitate virtually, or in hybrid form
  • The benefits and challenges of virtual facilitation
  • Practical skills for successful virtual facilitation