Exp-Joy Partnership Programme – Action learning facilitator training for individuals

This exclusive course has been created for the Chinese market in partnership with Exp-Joy and will be run by Action Learning Associates Founder and Managing Director Ruth Cook from 14th – 16th December 16.00 – 22.00 (Beijing time). Please note the course will be run in English.

Introduction to Action Learning Associates

Action Learning Associates has been providing facilitator training programmes for more than 15 years; we have now trained in excess of 1,300 participants.

Course details

Designed for professionals working in the field of learning and development, or using facilitation in their work, this is a great way to supplement your skills and add to your credentials

“It was a real privilege to be trained by someone who remains so passionate and committed. It is quite transformative if you allow it to be, on many levels.” 

The facilitator training process

The training programme takes participants through a process to develop all the knowledge and skills needed to become an action learning facilitator, including:

  • the principles and conventions of action learning
  • setting up new sets
  • the skills of facilitation
  • coping with challenging set members
  • enabling sets to become self-facilitating
  • alternative models of action learning
  • evaluation of action learning

How long does it take?

The 3.5 day course allows all participants the time and practical experience to fully understand the process and principles whilst taking part in and facilitating a set. With a maximum of five people on each course, everyone has the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of facilitating an action learning session and receives feedback on their performance.

You’ll come away with confidence in the action learning process, ideas about how to apply action learning and a sound basis to further develop facilitation skills.

“Action learning is a life skill really, an incredible tool for work. It has been a game changer for me.” 


We provide a comprehensive workbook full of excellent resource material and references that you can refer to for many years to come. It also includes templates that you can adapt to use in your own work and a learning log to track your development as a facilitator. If you choose to, you can also submit a written assignment and attend an additional training session in order to become an Action Learning Associates Certified Facilitator.

Action Learning Associates’ online action learning facilitator schedule

Training dates for individuals and organisations based in China (course will be delivered in English): December 14-16, 2021.

Start time: 16:00-22:00 (Beijing time), 6 hours a day

After that, another 4-hour summary tutorial will be held at a date and time suitable for all participants

Course fees 

£995 for sole traders, public sector, charity and arts organisations

£1,450 for commercial companies

UK VAT of 20% to be added to all fees for individuals booking a place if they are not a registered business. VAT is not charged for all business to business bookings. Invoices will be sent in Great British Pounds (£) and payments can be made via PayPal.

For forthcoming English version course dates, please click here.

Insights into what it’s like to participate in this course

Further reading:

Optional additional learning – Become a Certified Action Learning Facilitator with Action Learning Associates


  • following your programme keep a written reflective learning log to demonstrate what you have learnt and how you have developed
  • attend a half day online session (generally 3 – 6 months later) to share your learning with the trainer and peers
  • receive a certificate which confirms that you are a Certified Action Learning Facilitator with Action Learning Associates

The award lasts for lifetime!

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