Condensed course – In-house action learning facilitation training for leaders

Embed the leadership and facilitation skills needed to support home working teams and remote workers.

This short course will give leaders and managers the skills they need to build connections between colleagues who work in different locations. It helps them engage in a powerful form of learning together, in a way that they have not been able to before. They will be better equipped to motivate, support and encourage teams whilst keeping them productive and focused on work targets.

Working together, your team leaders will develop effective methods to manage real, live issues in your organisation, share views and generate innovative ideas. In essence, both your people and the business will benefit from new skills, to be ‘ready now’ for the challenges that lie ahead.

The programme

Groups of between four and six participants meet for an initial short virtual session to contract together and discuss the differences in approach to facilitating a virtual, rather than a face to face, action learning set.

We then go on to complete the three day sessions, either as consecutive days, or days close together.

All in-house virtual action learning programmes are led by senior associates with years of experience working virtually.