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Category Archives: Personal experience of action learning

Reflections on action learning through haiku

Reflections on action learning through haiku from guest blogger Katherine Waumsley

In order to reflect and present what I have learned through action learning facilitator training, I have decided to use the form of haiku. Haiku is a well known Japanese poetry form, which generally uses only seventeen syllables, often in a 5 – 7- 5 arrangement. I suspect this is a vast oversimplification of the form, but what I like about haiku is the way they can perfectly crystallise a moment in time… More

The transformative power of action learning

The transformative power of action learning

For the past four years Action Learning Associates has worked with the Clore Social leadership Programme (Clore Social) to offer action learning as … More

Action learning and vulnerability

Action learning and vulnerability

I have been facilitating action learning sets for over ten years and remain as passionate about action learning as the day I first … More

Life changing aspects of action learning with Burnley Youth Theatre

Life changing aspects of action learning

Wow. I’m on the train back from three days of intensity in London where I have been training to become an action learning facilitator. It has been eye-opening and amazing! Quite frankly, it is life changing! More

Action learning building teams, high challenge, high support for project development

Action learning – high challenge and high support for project development by guest blogger Tony McBride

Tony McBride, Director of Projects at Cardboard Citizens, explains how participating in an action learning set both challenged and supported his approach to developing a project which successfully brought together young people; theatre, science & schools.Read Tony’s step by step account of how being in an action learning set helped him move from ideas to action within a very short time-frame to set up and run a highly successful theatre project in London schools More

Do you really listen to what other people are saying? by guest blogger Judith Cross

We live in a world where our lives are lived at such a fast pace, always on the go, always thinking ‘what next?’ We may think we listen to what people to say to us but this takes training, it takes time, and it is exhausting. Listening is an underrated skill but the outcome from doing it right can be extremely powerful. More

Action learning a treat

Action Learning: a treat – by guest blogger Zoe Briggs

As a theatre professional in London, I struggle to find time to reflect on my work. Our emails, project work, meetings and phone calls keep us on our toes and don’t always leave space for much else. That’s why being part of an Action Learning set, established by A New Direction as part of the Cultural Education Progression Network, is such a treat… More

Reflections of an active listener – by guest blogger Njoki Yaxley, 2014 Clore Social Fellow

I’ve just got back from another exhilarating session of my first full day within the Action Learning Set on Tuesday. Guest blogger Njoki Yaxley, 2014 Clore Social Fellow and housing regeneration expert, describes her first experience of taking part in an action learning set. More

And now for something completely different – an action learning moment

My Haiku poems are attempts to capture the quality of a significant moment within a virtual action learning set .. I am still amazed that we could have had that experience by meeting virtually over Skype, using only the audio, and never having met face-to-face as a group before. More

Tackling gender equality using action learning – from guest blogger Frances McAndrew

When I realised that through action learning, small incremental actions would take place that when added together could show real change almost without people realising, I was sold! What better way could there be to overcome the fear of change and failure than through actually achieving successful change? Frances McAndrew reflects on the benefits of using action learning to tackle gender equality issues. More