Capturing the learning journey – accreditation for action learning facilitators

Recently I had the great opportunity to run an accreditation day for six people who had attended our three day open action learning facilitator training course.  The accreditation day brings together people to reflect on their learning and explore their development since training to be action learning facilitators.

It is exciting to spend the day with newly experienced action learning facilitators and to hear how they are using their skills in a range of settings and diverse applications. A key theme that emerged was confidence – many people expressed an initial degree of uncertainty about running their own sets.  All had powerful experiences of sticking to the classic model using open questions, getting presenters to reflect on open questions and decide their own actions. As a result trust in the process was really high.  Action learning is a process that needs to be experienced rather than taught – both for those in action learning sets and those learning to facilitate.

Participants gaining accreditation spend time between the course and their chosen accreditation day completing individual learning logs to chart their development.  Whilst this suits some more than others, everyone commented on the reflective nature of their log – capturing their learning as it happens reinforced for them both the depth and the nature of their own learning journey.   Some newly trained facilitators also use their reflective writing as a personal development and evaluation tool.


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