DIY Handbook for Action Learners

Dr Mandy Chivers A simple, practical guide for those who want to use action learning

“What has action learning learned to become?”
Action Learning: Research & Practice, 2 (i) pp 49-68

Action Learning: A Journey in Discovery and Development
by Krystyna Weinstein, 1995
Publisher Harper Collins Publishers Ltd
Amazon ISBN 000638224X

Action Learning: A Practical Guide (2nd edition)
by Krystyna Weinstein, 1999
Publisher Aldershot: Gower ISBN 978-0566080975

Action Learning: A Practitioner’s Guide
by Liz Beaty, Ian McGill (revised Ed edition 2001)
Publisher Routledge ISBN 978-074943533

Action Learning for Managers
by Mike Pedler, 2008 (2nd edition)
Publisher Gower ISBN 978-0566088636

Action Learning in Practice (3rd edition)
by Mike Pedler (Ed), 1997
Publisher Aldershot: Gower ISBN 978-0566077951

Facilitating Action Learning: A Practitioner’s Guide
by Mike Pedler and Christine Abbott, 2013
Publisher Open University Press ISBN 978-0-33524597-0

Learning with Colleagues: An Action Guide for Peer Consultation
by Erik de Haan, 2004
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 1403942870

Making Questions Work: A Guide to how and what to ask for Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Coaches, and Educators
by Dorothy Strachan, 2006
Publisher Jossey-Bass ISBN 978-0787987275
The ABC of Action Learning
by Reginald W Revans, 1983, 3rd edition 1998
Publisher Lemos & Crane ISBN 1898001421

The Action Learning Handbook: Powerful Techniques for Education
by Ian McGill, Anne Brockbank, 2004
Publisher Routledge
Google ISBN 0415335116

The Fifth Discipline
by Peter M Senge, 1999
Publisher Doubleday/Currency
Google ISBN 0385260954

The Origins and Growth of Action Learning
by Reginald W Revans, 1982
Publisher Bromley, Kent, Chartwell-Bratt

The Reflective Practitioner
by Donald Schön, 1983 reprinted 1995
Publisher Basic Books, USA
Google ISBN 1857423194

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