Mike Pedler

Mike Pedler has been working with action learning since encountering Reg Revans in 1976. He likes its pragmatism and optimism and remains convinced that the values and disciplines of action learning offer us a way of working with even the most difficult and intractable of problems. Currently, the issue that concerns him most is the climate emergency, and he has been using action learning more recently in this field.

Action learning facilitation

Recent work as an action learning practitioner includes programmes in action learning facilitation skills for social workers in partnership with the UK’s Skills for Care agency and virtual action learning sets for two global media companies.

Research and writing

As a researcher Mike is interested in questions of learning and unlearning with leaders and managers and with how their organisational processes can become more effective through the engagement of all those concerned. Reflecting on and writing about these projects is an important aspect of his practice. Mike has written and co-authored books and papers on action learning, self-development, leadership development and the learning organisation.

Mike is co-founder of C-alf, the Centre for Action Learning Facilitation


  • BA (Econ), Manchester University
  • M.Ed., Nottingham University
  • Ph.D., Manchester University
  • Emeritus Professor at Henley Business School, University of Reading
  • An Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Management Learning and Leadership at Lancaster University
  • A Visiting Research Fellow at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University

Mike is also founding editor of the Journal: Action Learning: Research and Practice.