What happens in an action learning set?

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An action learning set is a group of six to eight people who meet regularly with an action learning facilitator. They contract to meet – usually for five times over 6- 12 months. Most learning sets are made up of peers who work at similar levels of responsibility. At the end of the contract the set decide if they want to continue to meet and can contract again. They may decide to continue to work with an action learning facilitator, or on their own.

There is a classic facilitated structure for action learning sets which relies on a set member presenting a real life challenge, the set listening, only asking open questions and through refection, the presenter coming to a new action plan. Motivation and commitment to take the actions are high at the end of each meeting.

Action Learning Associates can provide experienced facilitators who act as a catalyst and coordinator to support your staff through the action learning process.

The end of learning is action, not knowledge” Peter Honey