Cross-sector sets for leaders

Leadership can be a lonely business. You’re responsible for everything and everyone. You need to be ahead of the game, inspirational, reliable and ready.

Share problems, discover solutions and move your organisation forward

Joining our cross sector leader sets, whether face to face or virtually, is a totally confidential, amazingly dynamic way to work together to solve problems, discover solutions and move your organisation forward. Working together to solve problems enables leaders to feel revived and freshly motivated. Our highly sensitive, yet confident facilitators create a secure, confidential and level environment where all participants can contribute.

We bring together handpicked action learning groups or “sets” of five to eight leaders, from a diverse range of complementary organisations and businesses. We ensure a balance of status, responsibility and experience. We never bring together rivals, competitors or unsuited cultures.

Participants are selected from commercial, public, voluntary sector and arts organisations.  Cross sector set participants always report substantial personal and organisation benefits from the cross-fertilization.

Cross sector set programmes take place according to the availability of all participants and are scheduled regularly. Please get in touch so that we can arrange a mutually agreeable date with you.