Action learning sets

Applications of action learning

There is a raft of different situations and circumstances where action learning can be applied for the greater good.

Here is a simple list, to act simply as food for thought. If you or your organisation are facing complex challenges, change, or new experiences, action learning will help.

  • To develop roles at management level
  • To facilitate culture change – promoting better team understanding
  • To focus on a particular theme – e.g. movitation, goals of the organisation,
  • To motivate groups to deliver on a certain project
  • To ease the process of going through change, such as a merger or department restructure
  • To develop leaders – often as part of a wider L&D programme, to cement new learning
  • To build communities – where people work remotely, it helps to bring them together
  • As a reflective practice – to supervise work and progress
  • To support cohorts such as new graduate intakes
  • To promote better performance mangement
  • To promote social change and reduce isolation
  • To share organisational objectives and explore how these can be achieved

These are just some of the applications of action learning, all of which we have been involved in. Working with the corporate sector, the third sector, local authorities, universities, arts programmes and more, there is no end to the challenges that groups face, all of which can be equally effectively resolved using action learning.

We frequently work with clients facing complex and challenging situations. Once we have gained an understanding of the organisation and its prevailing issues, we are able to adapt our application of action learning to those circumstances, to meet the needs and achieve the desired outcomes directly.

Whatever your current situation, there is value in starting with a conversation about action learning, and how it can be tailored to your needs.

To get in touch, email and we can arrange a good time to talk.

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