Action learning journey leads to Buckingham Palace

Being part of an action learning set can have significant and powerful effects on people’s personal and professional lives and create bonds that last a life time.  When they joined an action learning set in the late 1990s David Emerson and Justine Simons had no idea of the impact action learning would have or that they would share a memorable day in 2015 at Buckingham Palace.

Both David and Justine were members of an action learning set facilitated by ALA founder and MD Ruth Cook, and which continued to meet as a self-facilitating set for a number of years.  At their recent investiture David Emerson, Chief Executive of the Association of Charitable Foundations, received a CBE for services to philanthropy and charitable giving and Justine Simons, Head of Culture at Mayor of London, received an OBE for services to culture in London.

Both were delighted at the serendipity of two set members being on the same Honours List and at the same investiture.  David Emerson commented that whilst at the Palace they had both “reflected on how fundamental the action learning process, and the set, had been for each of us, and that we wouldn’t have achieved this without the set and the support of the three colleagues within it.  I don’t know whether ALA has ever had this situation before, but I thought you might like to be aware of it … as some possible evidence of the impact of Action Learning!”

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