Action learning in the news

This month’s Training Journal includes a fascinating article by ALA Associate, John Heywood, on his experiences delivering action learning facilitator training to French speaking African groups.  John has delivered a number of training courses for francophone Africans as part of a large scale development programme for First Line Managers in HEINEKEN International’s global operating companies.

In the article “Communication beyond language” John reflects on the issues involved in working with Francophone African groups who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and speak many different mother tongues.  But working together as an action learning set helped create strong common bonds and a common group culture – a bond which carried on when the groups continued to meet as virtual action learning sets.  John’s account also draws parallels between the well known benefits of action learning and traditional group problem solving methods such as the Congolese ‘Le Mbongui’ or ‘sitting under the tree'”.

To find out more about ALA’s work with HEINEKEN see our Case Study and customer comments. To download the full article visit our publications section

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