Action learning for leaders – an experiential webinar

As a leader, or someone who develops leaders you’ll understand the importance of being resourceful, resilient and capable in dealing with the complex challenges you face. Yet these challenges can leave leaders feeling demotivated, frustrated and ‘stuck’ in a situation, not knowing where to turn.

Action learning is an incredibly powerful tool to draw on in such circumstances, enabling you to pause, rethink and find our own solutions to problems and issues. Working with other leaders offers a unique balance of challenge and support in a confidential environment.

“As a leader, it can be hard when you are so busy to give yourself permission to take time out to do this. Please trust me that it is not a luxury. It is worth every second. You will leave more effective and feeling refreshed. I recommend it very highly.”
Kim Shutler-Jones, CEO, The Cellar Trust

We’re going to demonstrate the value of action learning for leaders in a short interactive webinar with a sample action learning meeting. Taking a real-life challenge faced by a leader, you will take part and use the action learning process to help them find a solution.

Mandy Hetherton, Action Learning AssociateALA Senior Associate Mandy Hetherton will take you through the process and draw on case studies from her own work to show how action learning can develop today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

Who is the webinar for?

Anyone who is in a leadership position or involved in developing their own or others’ leadership qualities.

You will:

  • understand how action learning can help leaders
  • take part in an action learning taster session
  • hear real-life examples of leadership development through action learning

Plus you’ll be eligible to receive a free half hour consultation, on request, with Sonja Antell, Director of Action Learning Associates to discuss action learning further and how it might help in your organisation.

This webinar took place on Thursday 9th November 2017. You can listen to it here.

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