Facilitator CPD

Of course, your training is never done, here at ALA we have a range of options for you to continue your professional development

Applied action learning for experienced facilitators

People often go away from our training courses with fresh ideas and approaches on how to use action learning within their organisation or business or, for independent facilitators, with their clients.

However, in many respects, our initial training is just the beginning, and participants often ask for more in depth exploration. They’re right to ask too, as action learning has so many uses and applications.

So we’ve developed an exciting new follow on course, looking at how and when to apply action learning and explore all its possible uses.

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Evaluating action learning

You may wonder how do you demonstrate that your action learning programme has created value for the participants and the organisation. How do you convince the budget-holders that it’s been worth it? And how do you engage participants and other stakeholders in a meaningful evaluation process?

This one-day masterclass is for anyone who delivers or commissions action learning programmes, and who wants to explore practical and powerful methods for evaluating them.

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Training in virtual action learning for trained facilitators

If you’ve already trained with Action Learning Associates as an action learning facilitator why not join one of our virtual action learning sets (VAL) for experienced facilitators and learn the skills of action learning facilitation in the virtual world?

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ILM endorsed courses

ILM endorsed courses are available either in-house, face to face or you can take part in one of our virtual courses.

ALA introduced the first ILM endorsed programme for action learning facilitators in 2008 and has since trained hundreds of facilitators in the UK and internationally. ILM also offers free studying membership for one year to all those registered on the programme.

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Mindful facilitation

Mindfulness is an effective technique for enhancing action learning sets and other facilitated events such as team or board away days.

As an experienced facilitator, you will derive far-reaching benefits from attending a one day CPD workshop incorporating mindfulness techniques into your facilitation practice.

The workshop explores what differentiates regular facilitation from exceptional facilitation and how mindfulness techniques can overcome specific challenges and significantly improve your skills.

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