Action learning – a campaigning tool?

I have always been interested in how action learning can change the world.  We often use it to support people whose work centres on social change but recently action learning has come one step closer to campaigning.

I was particularly pleased when a Director of 38 Degrees – a UK based internet campaigning organisation – invited me to support the development of a network of similar campaigning organisations around the world.  We are now running a virtual action learning set for Executive Directors of these organisations who have been going for a few years, have staff and an established supporter base.  There are participants from Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK.

The joy of virtual working is that the Directors can learn about each other’s experience and explore the challenges they each face without using the world’s limited resources and their precious time to meet face to face.

The biggest obstacle to making this happen has been negotiating the timing of the sessions given the different time zones. Fortunately, one member of the set is prepared to meet at 6.00am and someone else to work until midnight.  For me as the facilitator I am happy to donate my time to support their work, but I have had to say that I can only facilitate ‘till 11.00pm!
Another virtual set is being planned for the Executive Directors of emerging organisations including India, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

 38 Degrees Logo  38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens.

In the UK, 38 Degrees enables people to act together, to create an avalanche for change


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