About Us

Action Learning Associates helps organisations acquire long lasting problem solving skills, develop fresh ideas, achieve results and develop leadership capability.

In 2019 we celebrated our 21st year in business, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on the work we have been involved in, the causes we have helped to further, and the people, whose lives we have touched. We’re proud of our achievements, and those of our clients, who continue to benefit from action learning, long after we have left.

Action learning at work

Action learning helps individuals develop their own competencies, enabling them to take action to overcome the day to day challenges they face. Empowering others is what we do.

As the UK’s leading provider of action learning, with truly global reach, we have delivered face to face learning in 29 countries around the globe in addition to our virtual delivery, reaching almost 70 countries.

We run action learning sets for a wide range of applications across all sectors, from talent development to business project applications. We train action learning facilitators too, both in cross sector events and in-house and have trained over 1,300 facilitators.

As our work continues, the benefits of action learning are reaching a growing cross section of organisations, giving people the tools they need to achieve professional and organisational goals.

To find out more, read our case studies including our work with Heineken and Ernst & Young or our latest blog articles. If you would like a conversation, do get in touch, we’d be pleased to help.


FoodKIND is our chosen charity. We support the work the organisation does to provide food and compassion to refugees and displaced people in crisis. In December 2019, Ruth Cook visited a refugee camp in Greece over the Christmas period to help provide meals at this important time of year.

Ruth’s account of her trip is told in her short blog Christmas with Refugees.