A brilliant Action Learning Facilitator training programme

I had the joy of a great open programme last week with six interesting individuals working in different sectors, different countries and in a variety of roles. The only thing they had in common was an interest in action learning and an awareness of its potential as a development opportunity.  They were all very open to the learning and a joy to get to know.

I was paid a fantastic compliment at the end of the three days by the associate who was shadowing me on the programme (one of our quality assurances methods and a way for associates to experience it before delivering the programme). Stephen Moss said he felt like he had been on a Master Coach programme and that the brilliance of the methodology was that facilitator training was delivered entirely in an action learning style.

Stephen is highly experienced having been in various consultancy roles for over 20 years and has experienced other facilitator training programmes that will remain nameless but where, in his view, the ego of the trainer detracts from the learning. His experience of my delivery was that, exactly as in good action learning, the carefully constructed structure combined with good facilitation delivered the learning with minimalist attention to the trainer.

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