Feedback from our customers who participated in Open cross sector sets

Open cross sector sets bring together peers from a range of industry sectors who may face similar challenges and can learn from each other. The sessions run at CEO/ Director and senior manager level and many participants continue to meet as self-facilitating groups today.

It’s definitely worth undertaking action learning to broaden one’s horizons, meet new and interesting people in similar roles whilst learning a new technique for solving problems

Peter Spindler Director Peter Spindler Associates

Great to work with such a thoughtful group of people. Time to reflect and think deeper given the insightful questions of facilitator and participants. It gave me breathing space without the pressures of preparation. When it works (trust, confidence in others) it really is invaluable in having the conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

Kate Allen Director Amnesty International

I’ve been a member of one of Ruth’s action learning set for Chief Executives for many years and my set has helped inform some of the wisest and best decisions I’ve ever made. It has been one of the most valuable learning experiences in my life and recent career

Stewart Wallis OBE Executive Director New Economics Foundation

Action learning is a great use of time to develop as a manager, colleague and human being

Rachel Rees Independent Civic & Social Organization Professional

what I value about action learning is the chance to talk through really significant questions with a group of intimate strangers


Action learning has been transformative for me, in particular helping me to make the shift to a senior role.  I’ve been supported by the group to disentangle my own lack of confidence and emotional responses enabling me to be more detached and assertive (in a good way!).

Senior Director national charity

Participation in action learning has been an extremely valuable experience both from a professional and managerial perspective.

David Geer Executive Director INTERIGHTS