Feedback from our customers who participated in Open cross sector sets

Open cross sector sets bring together peers from a range of industry sectors who may face similar challenges and can learn from each other. The sessions run at CEO/ Director and senior manager level and many participants continue to meet as self-facilitating groups today.

Helped me understand, unpick and resolve issues that were really bothering me. Given me a safe space to admit and work through things I wouldn’t normally say to my colleagues.

Laura Townshend

For 18 years I was a member of a Chief Executives action learning set during an amazing period of my life. I am really clear that being part of this set enabled me to take wiser and more courageous decisions both in my job roles and my life than I would have done otherwise. It was also a major source of inspiration and support and even sometimes great fun. I learnt so much from my fellow participants. Joining such a set isn’t a nice to do for a Chief Executive-it is essential!

Stewart Wallis formerly New Economics Foundation

Being a CEO can be a lonely job. For me the action learning set has been a rare and valuable opportunity to resolve complex problems in a safe space.  It has been a crucial part of my professional development and a chance to learn from colleagues from different sectors.  This has been a very important and effective investment of my time.

Lucy Perman Executive Director Clean Break

My action learning set is a safe space which gives me the ability to discuss problems that I can’t discuss at work or home

Senior Director

Being a member of a cross sector action learning set gives me focus – it punctuates decisions that I make and I get diverse perspectives

Senior Director

A safe place for challenge, reflection and help on life’s journey

Stephen King Deputy Chair NHS West Essex CCG

Having found action learning a transformative experience  I’ve also used action learning with my own team which has been very impactful. They have been able to explore their own actions and reactions in a safe way and it’s been amazing to see how they have become more reflective and effective as a result.

Sophie Corlett Policy Director Mind

My action learning set continued to meet as a self- facilitated set and was extremely valuable. I am struck that for all of us it  changed the way we are, let alone what we do in the world and at work. There is a sense of rootedness and groundedness in each of us that has come from the enhanced sense of our own worth and capacity we gained from working together in an action learning set

Jennie Levin Independent consultant

Action Learning has been fascinating to me and has given me some beautiful learning and contrasts. The concept is inspiring and intriguing. I have been challenged emotionally and intellectually and developed my responses to new stimulus.

Matthew Shaw Business owner Shaws Provisions

Action Learning helps me to take a step back from the day to day frenetic pace of my work, and reflect on the most important aspects of my role. I can do this in the company of some great people who I know will challenge and quiz me, but always supportively

Paul Farmer CEO Mind