Feedback from our customers who participated in Open cross sector sets

Open cross sector sets bring together peers from a range of industry sectors who may face similar challenges and can learn from each other. The sessions run at CEO/ Director and senior manager level and many participants continue to meet as self-facilitating groups today.

Valuable and thought provoking. Great to have space and time away from the office to reflect on personal growth.

Richard Holmes

I have brought action learning more into my ‘one to ones’ with staff. I have stepped back and become more reflective.

The potential of it is immeasurable. Commit to it, be open to a new way of learning and developing. ALS have a unique and amazing approach, couldn’t recommend it highly enough

Nikki Sansom

Helped me understand, unpick and resolve issues that were really bothering me. Given me a safe space to admit and work through things I wouldn’t normally say to my colleagues.

Laura Townshend

For 18 years I was a member of a Chief Executives action learning set during an amazing period of my life. I am really clear that being part of this set enabled me to take wiser and more courageous decisions both in my job roles and my life than I would have done otherwise. It was also a major source of inspiration and support and even sometimes great fun. I learnt so much from my fellow participants. Joining such a set isn’t a nice to do for a Chief Executive-it is essential!

Stewart Wallis formerly New Economics Foundation

Being a CEO can be a lonely job. For me the action learning set has been a rare and valuable opportunity to resolve complex problems in a safe space.  It has been a crucial part of my professional development and a chance to learn from colleagues from different sectors.  This has been a very important and effective investment of my time.

Lucy Perman Executive Director Clean Break

My action learning set is a safe space which gives me the ability to discuss problems that I can’t discuss at work or home

Senior Director

Being a member of a cross sector action learning set gives me focus – it punctuates decisions that I make and I get diverse perspectives

Senior Director

A safe place for challenge, reflection and help on life’s journey

Stephen King Deputy Chair NHS West Essex CCG

Having found action learning a transformative experience  I’ve also used action learning with my own team which has been very impactful. They have been able to explore their own actions and reactions in a safe way and it’s been amazing to see how they have become more reflective and effective as a result.

Sophie Corlett Policy Director Mind