What our customers say about us

We encourage feedback from all of our clients. It gives us an insight into the individual experiences they have had, what they have gained from the process, and how action learning has helped.

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The course was really participatory, intense and focused on practicing the process of Action Learning.  It was well structured with a clear agenda and could flex to the needs of the group.

The unique characteristics of this course are being in a group of people from different backgrounds, diverse skill sets, and perspectives who are all keen to learn and share in an inclusive way.


Rachael Burton Network Producer Watershed Arts Trust

The course was well structured with plenty of practical skills learning, space for reflection and shared thinking.

The learning is invaluable, motivating and energising.

Rita Liddell Chief Officer BAND (Building a New Direction)

This  methodology has a useful structure which can help teams learn together, discuss their issues in a safe environment, create generative dialogue and solutions. It increases team spirit, awareness, motivation and eventually performance in organisations.

Also, in today’s global and fast changing business environment, being able to do it virtually saves time and cost. 

The system is easy to implement. 

Belkis Kazmirci

This process really helps you think about approaching issues from different angles – to allow you to see the bigger picture and how you can best break it down. I spend a lot of time problem solving – this has certainly given me more confidence and greater scope when approaching an issue – looking at different aspects – asking different questions.

Surveillance Manager The Body Shop

Action learning is useful to share experiences, realise others have similar issues and to hear diverse perspectives and open your mind. I would definitley recommend it.

Head of HR International Trade Centre

Realising the importance of creating time and space for reflection on important issues and the power of listening and mental support for others.

Ronald Jans Chief of Section World Trade Organization

I started the process with, I will admit, a little scepticism and a naive approach to the benefits of coaching and mutual learning but with a keeness to develop that.  Through the action learning sessions I have been encouraged by both my own attitude and to sharing in a safe environment.  The clearest benefit for me has been to make suggestions rather than define solutions.

Head of Customer Service Alzheimer's Society

The action learning set was enjoyable, nurturing and left much to ponder upon.  I listened a lot and it gave me time out from having to come up with the answers.  I found it reassuring because I have been around a long time and it allowed me to be involved in something that involved peeling back the layers and reminding ourselves that these are issues that we all wrestle with on a daily basis.

Olive Arens Manager Up-2-Us

The ACF sponsored set for leaders has proved incredibly valuable just to have a confidential space for trust, reflection and questions. I thought I’d be bringing small, day to day issues but actually it’s been a space to think about bigger picture issues about my role, my sector and management issues.  I also gained an insight into how other organisations work and how others approach problematic issues.

Director Pears Foundation

The action learning set has united a professional team and encouraged them to work together and share/present group objectives and ideas.

Stuart Giltman Business Development Specialist Sandvik Coromant UK