Feedback from our customers in the Third sector sector

Enables me to approach existing challenges with alternative perspectives/insight

Neil Frackleton, SWACA

It has been hugely beneficial to help me understand how I can be more efficient in my role… I have peer support to call upon and I am a more confident leader.

Clare Ashworth, Chapter

I’m now able to sort out, to delegate, to listen… better. I am now a better worker and a better manager.

Emeline Dolmazion, CERN

I believe I will be a better supervisor to my team and therefore a better colleague and member of the organisation. Do it – be open, as action learning is! You learn not only about others but about yourself.


You are going to learn to interact and communicate at a whole different level that will bring concrete results. You can adapt it to both professional and personal life.


What has changed for me is how I play my role in providing advice. I do not feel that I have to solve everything but I know how I can help others to reflect and consider their issues.

Rosa Sanchez-Vizcaino, UPOV

I’m more competent about facilitating Virtual Action Learning now, I understand the differences and the similarities. I am an action learning convert and this experience has extended it.

Fiona Becker, NSPCC

I’ve gained a greater understanding of action learning sets and think that I will be able to use this to the benefit of the organisation in the future.

British Red Cross

The course is brilliant. Thank you, I’d recommend it.

British Red Cross

A highly engaging, participative programme which clearly outlined the purpose, skills, underpinning knowledge and practical applications of action learning

Rob Everett